Feeling at home

29th of February 2016


So far I feel very well at my new host. I really love everybody in this family including their grandparents. Jon, my new adoptive father, ask me every third day, what he can buy for me. Mostly I answer with banana and blueberries. I have almost every day for breakfast a delicious smoothie. When we do not have interesting talks about politics, cultural differences, architecture or religion, we enjoy making music with the full family. Cheryl is the heart of the family, her hospitality does not know any borders, although she is the head of a Jewish school, which keeps her very busy. She always says, that I am her adopted German son. Moreover, Ari is never too reluctant to use his beautiful brain and do stupid or rather creative stuff with me. Furthermore, Gabe is a calmer, but nevertheless also as smart and great character as Ari. He is interested into technics and to participate in a robot team, what sounds awesome to me. He told me about their contest and work of the robot club, which is for me a completely new world.


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