Gospel meets Catholic Church

3rd of April 2016

St. Louis 2016 (201)

I have heard about a Catholic church, which has gospel music in its service. When I arrived there this morning and sat down, a hand laid down on my shoulder from behind and someone told me that he is the security guard of this church and if he could have a look into my backpack. The church the rocks looks very nice from inside and also the gospel choir sang like obsessed. The reverend said something, which you were asked to say to another person next to you, although you might not agree with it. This made me feeling uncomfortable. Since the weather was so nice today, I decided to drive back through the broken northern St. Louis, where nice houses stand next to destroyed houses, with just three walls.


In the afternoon, Jon and me went together to Forrest Park to play racket ball (similar to what we call in Germany “Squash”), what was a lot of fun.

In the evening, I went again to the church for singing.

Afterwards, a girl talked open about how she was struggling with sexual abuse in her childhood.

The priest prayed later on for abused children, especially for those, wo were sexual abused by the Church.

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