Social Tour about St. Louis and fire alarm

24th of March 2016

This morning I had an interesting social tour around St. Louis and Ferguson, where Michael Brown got shot by a police man one and a half years ago. I am sure, that the professor could run a one week tour about St. Louis social issues without any problems. His story covered everything, from fundamental racism, to hunger and buglers, who burned empty houses. So if the fire fighter would tear it down, due to security reasons they would steal in the next night the bricks.


But finally, three hours were enough to hear, how St. Louis problems are connected to history and social inequality.


Due to a bad sleep tonight, I felt tired while teaching the most energetic class of the circus. All of a sudden I heard a loud hum, which seemed to be the fire alarm. After leading the circus kids out of the building and over the street, a lot didn’t took their jackets in the hurry. I gave my jacket to another person and tried to stay warm with jumping jacks until the fire fighters allowed us to go back into the circus.

CAM00126.jpgWhen we got back, it was already time to end the class. I was never so happy about a fire alarm. In the evening me and my family were invited to an old friend of Jon for dinner. Therefore, Jon picked me up from the city museum. Larry and his wife are playing in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The dinner, and of course not to forget the people were very nice.

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