St. Charles, the former old capital of St. Louis

13th of March 2016


(Ari in the architecture studio of his father)

Today, Jon showed us his working place. The architecture studio is very big and looks very nice from the inside. Afterwards, Cheryl, Ari and me are enjoying strolling around in St. Charles, the former capital of Missouri with nice, small and old shops.



The one singular scoop of ice cream is here three times as big as in Germany. After some luscious cookies of Donesha’s grandmothers’ cookie shop, we drove to Newtown. This is a community close to St. Charles, where a whole town was planned with artificial lakes and obelisk on the countryside. Everything looks very nice and clean and somehow the same. Actually it looks like an American movie backdrop. It obvious, that the houses are not that old, as they are supposed to look like.


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