Sunburn in march

22nd of March 2016


Since Ari is in spring school vacation, we decided to go for a bike tour on the River Front Trail and having lunch at Crown Candy Kitchen. This is an over 100 years old restaurant. It is the oldest restaurant North of the Delmar Line, where the not so good situated part of the city begins. Nevertheless a lot of white customers line up in the black neighborhood to get one of the popular BLTs (Bacon Lettuce Tomato). The BLT consisted of 5 cm or 200 gr Bacon, one leave of lettuce and two slices of tomatoes and bread. It was impossible to eat this BLT without improvising.


While we rode along the River Front Trail, we passed, a fruit company (which was owned by Aris Grandfather), wonderful parks, decayed houses and nice old houses and factories. Finally we made it to the Arch, the biggest highlight and tallest building of St. Louis.


It is so popular, that no building is allowed to be built higher than the Arch (192m). After we admired the Arch, we visited the former Supreme Court of the US next to the Arch, in which the famous Drett Scott process decision took place. Although I have heard from different people, that the local government has to deal with racism in their administration, the place in front of the old court house is named in memory of Drett Scott. Nevertheless, I live since more than a half a year in the city and I have not been to the highlights of St. Louis. Finally Ari showed me the Citygarden, which is an artist park with sculptures. St. Louis has to offer a lot of qualitative art all over the city. The Gateway to the West is indeed a vibrant city of art.


It was a wonderful day. Surprisingly, Ari and me had discovered, that our five hours bike ride was long enough to get your skin red and sunburned.

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