Baby shower & Baby Racoons rainig from a tree

 24th April 2016

Donesha, one of the best circus trainers is expecting her baby soon. When you expect a child it is common to have a baby shower. The name tells you to shower the mother with as much presents as possible. Indeed, I had never seen so many presents, also a 50th birthday could not beat this mountain of presents. Additionally, other games were played like estimating the waist circumference of the mother.
For Ari it was also his first baby shower, since mostly only women and girls attend.

Cheryl and Ari drove me to the house of my friends Kelsey and Eyal. He is from Israel and prepared the most delicious Israeli food I have ever eaten. Fuchs (you call friends in the Israeli army with their last name) grew up in a Kibbutz  and met Kelsey in Israel and moved with her together back to her home town. Now they both want to give up their jobs to make Aliyah, what means to return to Israel. We had nice and funny talks until Kelsey came back with a little crying baby racoon. She told me that they had already found it this morning and called the wild life rescue. When I left the nice fire to go home, we found another one. The next time I met Kelsey, she told me, that they found in total 4 baby racoons during the next day. They were all dropping from a tree.


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