Robotics World Wide Competition in St. Louis

27th of April 2016


Since Gabe, my older younger new brother was involved in robotics, I already had an idea about the competitions. But I had no idea about how big and international the robotics community was. After entering into the convention center, I was blown away. There were thousands of people from all over the world. The only German team was from Stuttgart. It was girl team from Königin-Katharina-Stift-Gymnasium. Some of my friends graduated a few years ago from this school.

If we talk about nerd prejudices, I can say that not only boys participated. Nevertheless, girls have a long way to catch up. Not everybody also looked like you would picture a nerd. But one thing was extremely clear. This was not a game, where teams are playing with giant robots against each other. Everybody took this very serious.

It took me a while to understand the rules. But after I got most of them, I was really excited about this competition and had no doubt how great this was. I wish, I would have had the opportunity to join such a team. One stadium was not enough for this competition. It took place all over St. Louis.

During the finals, a lot of paper planes flew from the top rows down and the atmosphere was thrilled. Besides hundreds of American teams, there were a lot of Israeli teams. One team came with 8o people. Taking this into consideration and thinking about the materials which they use for the robots, we might be aware, that this is not a hobby for poor school kids and would be not possible without sponsors.

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