Mother`s Day

8th May 2016


This Sunday we had to get up early to help our mother in the garden, since it was mother`s day. I did not only feel so well after too many cookies and pizza, but did not want to refuse to help on Mother`s Day and leave the others with more work. So I got up. Before noon we met the family of Cheryl`s sister and our grandparents in a nice park. Everyone besides me (because my stomach still did not feel so well), had a nice brunch in a wonderful park. Afterwards, we walked around the lake and shared some family stories and we drove to view point over the Missouri river. The sun was shining without mercy. We almost decided to go home, but I and the other family members wanted to see a nice town. We stopped at a tree nursery Although Jon drove really careful, I prepared for the ultimate scarifice to make my new mother the biggest present for mother`s day, when I felt food coming up my stomach. In the last second I made it to the toilet. After another vomiting break on Highway 64, we arrived safe at home. I slept for several hours. When I woke up again, it was already dark.


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