Tornado Warning

7th of May 2016


Out of the blue, the sky over us got dark. We hurried up to put all the equipment onto the truck, before the rain could arrive here. Ten minutes ago, the sun shined very bright, almost too bright, so that we sat down in the comfortable shade. No clouds were to see.
In the afternoon, all trainers were gone by car after the training to Florissant (next to Fergusan, where Michael Brown got shot by the police), in order to see our St. Louis Arches perform in the traditional Italian Circus Zope.



Only few minutes later, the police canceled the show, because the even darker fast moving clouds we saw in the distance, were able to form a tornado. Suddenly it started to rain and it got very windy. Money, popcorn, toys, everything was flying around and people hunted after it. The police tried to evacuate the place around the circus. We had to run into a community building and stay away from the windows, since the wind might be able to break them.

Just recently I have heard about the siren which you can hear all over the c


ity, when a tornado is coming up. For me that is something totally new. I did not have to worry about tornadoes or earthquakes in Germany.

After a half an hour everything was over. The rain had almost completely stopped and with a gentle breeze on our skin, we walked to Maya`s (my new cousin`s) car. The older arches joined us for a movie, pizza and chocolate cookies in the basement. The food was very delicious and after eating a few pieces of pizza, I decided, that I could have some more chocolate cookies. Everything felt good.


20 minutes before the big thunderstorm

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