Be Spontaneous!

17th of May 2016


I received a call 2 hours ago, with the question to help out somewhere, I have never been there before. Soon I figured out with google maps, that it takes only one hour to get there by public transport and the next bus leaves in 20 minutes. I let Claire know, that I am on my way, have lunch very fast and leave the house. One hour later I am a half an hour before the appointment at the school in northern St. Louis, since the bus does not go very often. The school looks old and a nice lady lets me in. After a lot of transitions and passing classrooms, in which I hear students and teacher yelling at each other, I arrive at the closed gyms. My first impression tends to be, that the students control the teachers and not the other way round. I sit down in front of it and take out my notebook to continue to read an online book about social psychology. The cleaning lady is laughing at me. One boy comes around the corner and is surprised to see me. He stops, looks at me and asks me very excited. How much was that, while he is pointing at my notebook and inspect it. I answer surprised. „Yes I guess“. Before I really can answer he says: ”Was it hundred of dollars?“ Before I have a chance to answer, he turns around and disappears down the stairs. When the other teacher arrives, we go into the gym. The equipment looks broken and is not from the last decades. All kids arrive loud and boisterously. Most of them are very thin. Immediately they point at me and ask crowded, who I am. After a few minutes of working with them, I am recognizing, that they are still crowded, but very nice to me and trusting. One girl asks me each time for permission for almost everything, what does not really fit to other kids, who have hard times to follow the instruction of our warm up. At the end everybody is smiling, some also hugging and saying good bye to me. When I recognize, that I might never see these loving kids again, I get a little bit sad. But I wish them all their best for their life.

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