Burroughs white Graduation Ceremony

2nd of Juin 2016

Flying Trapez 2

Today I took the train and the bus to the Flying Trapez Center out in Chesterfield. Surprisingly this took only one hour.

One guy in the bus started to yell for a couple of minutes in the bus. Another guy hocked up a woman in three minutes. He tried not to hide it and asked her so loud in the bus, that even the bus driver was able to hear it. They both got out hand in hand at the next bus stop. It seems nothing more natural in a bus, than talking to stranger in the bus and slowly or faster getting to now each other. As soon as they left the bus a loud discussion about this couple erupted among the passengers. This seemed to be also to frequent St. Louis public transport passengers user a new experience.

Flying Trapez was at the same time harder and easier than I thought.

On one hand the technic is very easy. It is all about timing. Moreover, if you not used to it you can rip your skin of, as I did. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun and I got also caught once. I ripped my skin of. But it was tottally worth it!


In the evening Gabe had his official graduation party at his school, which was very nice and very fancy. All 102 graduating students were white dresses or suits. Some of the girls looked almost like they were getting married.


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