Flight Show

15th of May 2016


Ari asked me a few days ago, if I would like to join him for a flight show. For sure I wanted to join him. I have never seen one before and we both were the next day pretty excited about getting the last tickets.

This ”early“ Sunday morning Ari and me drove out to Chesterfield to see a flight show, with the Canadian air force, the famous blue angels and other awarded stunt pilots. Already on the exit of the highway, the traffic got stuck and streets were closed, since an attendance of 175.000 were expected. This is more than the half of the population of the City St. Louis.

Cars were parking all over around the airport on the lawn and at the shopping mall.


When we got in, we saw a lot of military planes. Also the Marines, Navy, Air force, National, Guard and other military groups were represented. After a short look, the flight show started under a clear blue sky with the National Anthem of the United States. People removed their heads and put their right hand on their hearts. I feel not well and somehow strange. At any other event besides the World or Euro Cup in Germany, at any place in Germany I would assume, that I am surrounded by thousands of right-winged or even national socialistic people. It seems strange to me, that only by changing the location, people with some of the same habits, who are feared by the government to destroy the democracy, can be at another place the biggest supports of the government.


After several recruiters had sworn the oath to join the air force, respect and attention was paid to the veterans who are fighting for the freedom of the country. Moreover, all fallen soldiers, who did the ultimate sacrifices for their country were commemorated. On one hand I thought it was nice to feel united in memory and patriotism, on the other hand I wondered, why nobody would ever remember the victims of the other side? Most of the killed people were civilians and some even supproting the US. As far as I can think in my young age, they were not guilty for taking the wonderful freedom away from this literally great country.

In addition, the second plane was the b27 bomber also called” the flying fortress“ and the only of its kind who was still able to fly and to drop the nuclear bomb on the 6th of August over Hiroshima. Instead of remembering the 100.000 of people that were destroyed just by pushing one button, the abilities of the airplane were glorified. I have to admit, I was very impressed by this big plane and the demonstration. A lot of other planes followed with their demonstration. Moreover, the Canadian Air Force stunt flight crew, also called the Snowbirds gave such an impressive show, that I had hard times to keep my mouth shut. After 3 or 4 hours and one crazy stunt pilot, whose plane does not seem to know any rules about gravity, it was time for the Blue Angels. Speaking frankly it was a little bit disappointing. Perhaps because the snowbirds already showed most of the same tricks and had almost twice as much planes flying formations in the air.


Before the blue angels landed, Ari and I hurried up to get to our car as fast as possible, since a lot of people had the same idea. Nevertheless it took us almost one hour to get on the highway, which was located only 0.5 miles from the airport. We listened to the music and laughed about our red faces, which were really bad sunburned.


To sum up, the flight show was very impressive. Nevertheless, for some reason I did not expected so many military planes and glorification of the war. On the other hand, I think most planes would not be so advanced today, without needing them for the war. At the same time I recognized, that we profit from it, every time, when we take a plane. Finally the interesting question which was spinning in my head on the way back to home: “Do we also support war by taking a plane or going to a flight show?”


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