Gabe Graduation Party

30th of May 2016


Gabe`s saticfied, but tired face after graduation

Today is Memorial Day. A day to remember the people who were fallen for the USA. But first and foremost, it is for the hard working Americans a day off from work. We used the day through a party for Gabe’s graduation. A lot of people came and also brought delicious food. On the same day I ordered a inflatable kayak on which I was planning to flood the Meramec River next week, since I do not have to teach too many classes and the weather is supposed to be perfect.


„L’dor va’dor!“ („From generation to geeration“ Jewish saying)

A big part of Circus Harmony’s walls are invisible. The only thing what separates thousands of wild children and tired circus children is a wall build with glass. Unfortunately, a lot of kids do not think, that after teaching classes of children, you might enjoy some time by yourself. So they knock constantly against the window. If you do not turn around they knock harder. When you finally recognize, this kid will not stop until you turn around and decide to smile at the kid. Either the kid smiles and waves back or runs away, if you do not smile. For me it feels like in a zoo.


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