The Intripid Isaiah

3th of Juin 2016


Many people go but also some new people arive in our lives. In the last weeks Claire, Copper and Jean-Tae moved back to New York. But Donesha (Dan Dan) delivered her baby. Randomily I told Donisha, that her child will be born on the 31st of May. Indeed the Intriid Isaiha saw excatly on this day for the firsst time the light of the wold.

Today Miriam and me visited him. Our contortion coges, who greats me every time with „Hallo wie geht’s“ (Hello, how are you) an Crina, who will teach with us the summer camps were already there to see Donesha and the Isaiha. Since the baby is still on NICU we had to wash our hands for two minutes, before we could se Isaiah. He is so strong and such a miracle.

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