„Which way?“ asked the bus driver

19th of May 2016


After I tried to tease Ari, I injured my finger two weeks ago. Since it was still hurting, I decide to see my doctor. After 10 minutes I left the doctor with a 100 dollar bill. The prescriptions were already send online to the next pharmacy. The vendor asked me, if I have any health insurance to cover the cost. I told him, that I will pay upfront for my insurance. When he told me, that the price for the three prescriptions is 1100 Dollars, I asked him to repeat the number, because I thought, I had understand him wrong. Finally, I could only afford the two cheapest medicaments, which cost me already over 400 dollars.

I took the next bus from the Walgreens to the City Museum where I work. Although the bus makes almost no turns and just follows the Delmare Boulevar, the bus driver asked the passengers: „Which way at the next intersection?“

Luckily one passenger told him immediately to drive the right way.




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