Best Brunch

12th of June


This morning som friends and me were invieded for a brunch. Kelsey and Eyal picked me up and we drove to the fancy Central West End.

The brunch was outstanding with its diffrent drinks and so many dishes, that I was full before I had a chace to try every meal. David explained me, that for gay couples it is a olympic discipline to offer their guest the best brunch. After swimming the third time in one week in a private pool. I watched with Eyal the Euro Cup game Germany vs. Ukrain. Eyal is originally from Israel, but since he has a German passport we rooted for the same team. He actually knows 10 times more about soccer than me.I had no clue about the good German coachs abillities to control one of the best soccer teams, but not hisown hand for 90 minutes, which sometimes changes from one whole of his body to another one. Eyal is even such a hard core soccer fan, that he would have hard times to work on the next day, if his team would loose. Luckily this not happened. Germany won in a fair and exciting game 2:0.


As usually afterevents with food .I was asked, if I want to take some foodwith me. It seems like, I really look like, I can need it. I took a little bit, but rejected politely, the other mountains of food.

Kelsey, Eyal and me drove together to their house to hang out. After a while Kelsey suggest to go to Lonee Elk park. We just passed the gate and allready saw the first rakoons. It came really close to the car.


A few hundred yards later the first deer passed our street.


Behind the next curve boisons were standing on the middle of the street. I had never seen boisnons before. There muscular and massive shape impressed me. Very slowly did they walked around our car. So close, that you could have even touch them through the window of the car. They seemed to be very intrested into us, but acted like far away from agressive.


Not only the gooses were pretty, also the nature itself. Finally we also met some elks. All animials seemeed to be so trustful, that they came so close until you could almost touch them.

After a funny dinner Kelsey and Eyal drove me home.

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