Fathers Day & Rules for bicycles Germany vs. USA

19th of June 2016


This morning we got up to do a bike ride, which Jon had planned. The beginning of the trip was very nice. But on the way from Webster to our grand-parents house, we drove on more busy roads. As I was taught in 4th grade from the police, I stayed in the middle of the road, since bikes and cars have equal rights in the traffic. Actually the car drivers are supposed to drive especially careful for bike riders in Germany, hence a car is much more powerful. This means the car driver is supposed to wait behind the bike rider, if there is not an inappropriate possibility to overtake. But here in the US, where the cars are the most important locomotion vehicles, things work a little bit different. When cars started to take over on places, where they were not supposed to, Cheryl got worried about me and told me to drive on the right side.


The brunch at the grand-parents’ house was more than splendid. I ate the best salmon I ever have tasted in my life. I cannot remember how many bagels with salmon I had eaten, probably around five.

When I got back and looked up, what the State of Missouri recommends for bike riders. Nevertheless, the rules are supposed to be exactly the same, namely to stay in the middle of the road, I will feel even less comfortable riding a bike here in St. Louis.

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