American Independence Day Present – Flo Rida live and for free

4th of July 2016


Ari, Cheryl and Gabe already flew today out of town, instead of driving18 hours by car to Boston. John will fly tomorrow afternoon.

Moreover, today is Independence Day in the US. This day was created to remember all those, who fought or died, in order to protect the American freedom.

To me it seemed to be something like a second Mardi Gras and New Years Eve, which takes four days. Every day, you were able to see political or military parades with huge American flags. Every evening I was able to hear and see firework from our house.


After it had rained almost constantly the last day, I decided to go to Forrest Park to see Flo Rida, who was in my childhood one of the coolest rappers in Germany.

As far as the eye can reach, I could only see people. Over 100.000 decided to come to Forrest park. This is equivalent to a third of the total city population.


Flo Rida plus four girls with not a lot of clothes on their skins, celebrated the American Independence Day and drove the crowd crazy. The atmosphere was amazing. He throughed signed shoes, red and white flowers into the crowd. If you think, that people were close to killing each other to catch one of the shoes, you think totally right. Last but not least he invited around 20 girls up to stage to dance and sing with him. Most of the girls looked so happy and overwhelmed like they were meeting God. One girl seemed not to know what was more important for her. She changed between taking selfies with Flo Rida in the background and dancing a few steps until she decided, that she could actually do both at the same time. A man next to me explained me happily and close to tears that one of the young girls is his daughter and had been standing in front of the stage for four hours.

Later on another famous singer, which I did not know came on stage with a backpack, which looked like a turtle. At the end of his song, he neither wore his turtle backpack nor a shirt. The short landed in the crowd, where everyone tried to crap it.

It seemed like there are no rules anymore, a wonderful, but also dangerous feeling. I really could feel the freedom and how great America is. I would have not been surprised, if the next act would have performed by a stripper. What I enjoyed besides ecstatic atmosphere, was a sign language interpreters, who danced while she was translating the lyrics with her hands and face. I have never thought about that death people could not enjoy the concert as much, since they do not hear the music. But I am pretty sure that she was able to translate not only the words, but also the tunes, rhythm and volume at the same time. She did an amazing job, which was understandably so hard, that she had to change with another sign language interpreter every third song.

I think it is wonderful that the city and other companies sponsored a concert, which everyone can enjoy, without paying 100 bugs. Not to forget a big firework followed, which took over 30 minutes. Music and firework tried to work together, but it was hard to hear the music, since the firework was so loud and the music tended not to fit together with the huge firework. At the end a big cloud of smoke was hanging over Forrest Park.


Seeing 100.000 people leaving a park at the same time was another exciting experience. It took me a half an hour to get home, although I live around the corner and came by bike. I do not want to know, how long the car drivers had to wait until they got out of this bedlam.

I am sure not only I enjoyed it and many are thankful to America for this evening. Who does not like to feel a little bit American after such an experience?

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