Baba in the hospital

1st of July 2016

St. Louis 2016 (158).JPG

(Ari driving Baba on his 16th birthday for the first time)

Baba is a Hebrew term for older people, to express your respect. Grandma`s are also called Baba.

Our Baba, Jon´s mother, was already getting better, after she was fallen, and spent some time in a hospital and subsequently in a recreation home. Suddenly she was feeling worse and doctors already assumed the worst. Therefore Jon´s sister and Baba´s other grand children came to town to see her.

When she saw all her family around her, she was miraculously getting better and starting talking again. She was feeling so well, that Gabe, Jon, Cheryl and Ari decided to fulfill their vacation plans, which they had already blown into the wind


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