Metrolink Experience

21th of June 2016


I just sat down for 30 seconds and already recognized, that the around 30 year old dude on my left side is extroverted. After talking to another guy, who had left the train at the current stop, his phone started ringing. Leaning forward into my direction, he said with a desperate voice:

Buddy you need to help me out here. It is a friend, but I cannot talk.” With these words he pushed his phone into my hand. Although I was surprised I took the call. After explaining a woman that I am taking the call for his friend, she explained me, that he needs to get into the red line. When I told her, that we had just passed the transit station, she started to swear with the best vocabulary I had ever heard. I was impressed. American English seems to be such a good language for swearing. Her voice was rising and getting more and more angry about her friend. All passengers next to me, where able to hear her and started smiling into my direction, like they felt sorry, that I am in such a trouble. Uncountable curse words later she finished suddenly the call without saying good bye.

I gave the guy his phone back and told him, that he might better get off the train and take the next train back to the transit station Forrest Park. When it was time, he just was staying in his seat, although by this time he had the full attention of all passengers in the train, who told him that, this is his stop. He asked me loudly, if I am gay or Jewish. I told him, that this is not of importance now, he might better stand up and be ready to get off the train. Luckily he stood up, but only to ask other passengers how cute I am and if it could be really possible, that I am not gay. Finally, we managed to get off the train. I explained him how to get to the red line and brought him on the other side of the trails. He only answered, that he cannot believe how cute I am and that he really would like to have me. I told him with a smile on my lips, that Ii felt honored, but not interested.

I hope it took him not too long to find his way home and the friend on the phone will have calmed down, as soon as he gets there.

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