Broken water pipeline

5th of July 2016


About every one and a half an hour, we have bathroom breaks for our kids in the summer camp. This means everybody has to get on his shoes and socks. After lining up in front of the door, we walk together through the whole floor, while trying not to lose any child. For them it is very tempting to use other ways or to hide behind some ship´s propeller, bars or pillars. Since we had in the last camps only two boys and between 6 and 14 girls, usually the boys come out of the bathroom first. Once, this was not the case. When I was entering through the door I saw one of our boys throwing paper towels out of the window, while another was staring down. The last days, some construction had been undertaken in front of the City museum and obviously one worker had hit a water pipe, which caused a flash flood on the street. When I left the City Museum on this day, a little bit of water was flowing still outside of the whole.

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