The end of the floating trip, Isaiah´s Baptism, 5 dead police officers in Dallas

10th of July 2016


Without any sleep, I had at 4 o´clock a few fruit bars for breakfast. By sunrise I was already on the river. Only two hours later I arrived in front of the Gatewayarch, which I had been able to see already since yesterday.


(Arriving at Laclede’s Landing with the Arch in the background)

After deinflating my boat in 20 minutes and a 2 minutes walk, I was already on the way home in the Metrolink train. Around 8 o´clock I arrived at home, where Sheran just had gotten up. Very exhausted I fell into my bed and slept for one hour.


In the afternoon I was invited for Isaiha`s babtism lunch. Her mother Donesha or Dan Dan, how I call her, was adopted by a very catholic family. Her father is a Chaplain and her uncle a priest, who will baptise Isaiah today.

Although you had been blind, it is impossible to recognize how friendly and catholic her family is. 13 crucifix, pictures of Merry or quotes of the bible are hanging just in the living room. Other decoration does not really exist on the walls.

Her father is a friendly host, who had earned my recognition in a second. Her mom, is very friendly and cooks sooooooooooooo good.

The thirst thing I had been asked: “How many times do you go to church”.. Usually I would have answered this question with only on Christmas and sometimes with my grandma. But since faith is a way more interesting in the U.S., I was able to say that I at least go once a week in the house of faith.

Afterward I went to Patti’s house, which is in the neighbourhood close by. Most Americans shake their heads, when you ask them, if they know what the Euro Cup is. Patti is much more informed about soccer. We watched together the final game Portugal vs. France. We started the live stream after the intermission and were surprised that the score was still 0:0 until the 109th minute. After the live stream broke up a couple of times, we were only able to receive the game with an Arabian moderator, what made it even more interesting. This guy did not stopp speaking for one second and sounded really emotional.

On the way back to my house, I saw that the Central Reform Synagogue was remembering the victims of the shooting in Dallas, in which five white police man died.

Spontaneously I decided to go to this ecumenical remembrance service, on which also a former police woman and African-American discussed the current issue. As soon as I went out of the synagogue, a “Black Lives Matters” demonstration passed the synagogue.


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