Funny busdriver curses in German

16th of July 2016


When I got into a bus wearing a tie, the bus driver looked kind of surprised, like she does not see people wearing ties in her bus. She asked me, if I am from France. When I told her that, I am from Germany, she told me about her German friend. She asked me to translate some of her common expression like “Lick my ass!”, “Fuck you!”, “Say Thank you!” in English. Moreover, she asked me also for German course words. I taught her “Ich liebe Dich”, what means, I love you. When she asked, what does it mean. I told her she should say to her German friend. She would be able to translate it for her. After the Shabbat service, somebody showed me surprisingly that I made it into a newspaper.


Last Sunday, when I visited the ecumenical remembrance service somebody took a picture of me and the Rabbi, which was printed on the front page of the Jewish Newspaper of Greater St. Louis.


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