Medicare?, Yerese and the bus number 70

20th of July 2016


After the circus, I returned a call to a number, with which I was not familiar. The women said so fluenty and friendly hello and her matter of concern, that I thought in the first place her voice was recorded. As soon as Ii answered, she wanted to talk with me about my medicare, since I am turning 65 soon. I told her, that I appreciate her call, but I am neither turning 65 nor have medicare. She laughed puzzled and told me she will delete Michael from her list, before she said good bye.

Every week I get calls for strangers, which are mostly rather annoying than funny. Around 80% want to talk to Judy, although I have this number since almost one year. Moreover, I got all of text messages, from people, who want to see me or even invite me for dinner. When I tell them, that I am not Judy, they usually change their mind and I am not invited anymore. WhoevJudy must be a very valuable friend.


On the picture you see Yerese, one of our most talented students. She is on a schoolarship and did not missed one day of Circus camp since 8 weeks. Although it is challenging for her to stop walkovers after the tumbling time, it is a lot of fun with her. I am happy to have her in our class.


Later on, I took my favorite line, the 70 bus. When I asked the bus driver how he is, he answered smiling “I am in paradise!” Furthermore, as so often somebody sold DVDs for a very good price. Nevertheless, most buyers bargain with their dealers. So you might end up with five current movies for 20 bugs, leaving out the fact, that these DVDs are homemade and not original. Most people in the bus see it rather as an extended personal service than criminal business. Eventually, the dealers can even tell you, if this movie might be the right movie for you and your girlfriend tonight and how much action and drama it contains. Moreover, it is directly on the way to your house and most people in the bus neither are reading nor listening to music nor playing games on their smartphones, as it is the case usually in Germany. What could be nicer, than choosing a movie for your evening after a long and hard day of work?

A few stations later, another DVD dealer entered the bus. When he saw, that already one dealer was inside the bus, he did not get upset about his worse business opportunity. On the contrary, he called out “It´s a duple here!” and started dancing through the bus, while showing his DVDs to the passengers.

Later on, he and the other DVD dealer started a discussion about the new movies, they were selling. I was close to stay in the bus, just for experience, how this interesting bus ride would continue. Perhaps a few stations later somebody with a toilet would come into the bus, to sell it? I would not be really surprised.

T-shirts, Jackets, loud speakers, headphones, extension carts and other electrical equipment, snacks, drinks, liquor all this stuff has been already offered to me while using public transport. It seems like you do not even need to go shopping. Just take the next bus around the corner. But to be honest, I have to say, that the line 70 is the best for this kind of experience. I will really miss this bus rides, when I go back to Germany

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