Peach County

31st of July 2016

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This morning we got up very early for a bike ride. We drove to a ferry with a car and crossed the river with our bikes. The landscape on the other side is called Calhoun County and looks very hilly, green and almost every name on the letter boxes and stores sound German. The area is almost like an iland, since it is surrounded by two big rivers. When the rivers are high, the few people, who live in this region, have to live from what they harvest, since the next big city in the north is hundreds of miles away. A little bit before your destination Gabe´s tire go flat. Luckily Ari hat patch cat in his pocket.

St. Louis 2016 (496)

We bought some peaches and peaches ice cream. It was the most juicy and delicious peaches I had ever eaten. The region is well known for its delicious peaches.

When the friendly vendor recognized, that I was from Germany, she gave a a glass of Amish Apple Butter. This is like a thick jam with the flavour of apple and cinnamon.

The vendor recommended us to go to the next and only village in a 10 miles radius. The village consist of only a few houses, a restaurant, a post offices and a bank. On the verge of the streets, you can see sometimes signs, written in German. The restaurant served several different German dishes, which not really taste like in Germany.

St. Louis 2016 (509)

But when the owner ask us, where we are from and I said, that I was from Germany, here shining eyes and she told me her family story and offered me to show me the second floor. It looks like in an old museum, with old beds and wonderful furniture.

St. Louis 2016 (523)

In the afternoon, it got so hot, that it was again to bike back to the ferry. As soon as we were in the car, we drove to our grandparents and jumped into the pool.

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