Rainy Aufwiedersehen (Good Bye)

15th of August 2016


Less than three hours later Cheryl and Jon brought me to the airport. It was so rainy, that while running from the house to the car all my clothes got wet.

Saying good bye was hard. Going each step through the security control, knowing, that every step brings you further away from the Maayans, Circus Harmony, other great people and St. Louis was the hardest part.

It started to rain again as soon as the air plane was ready to take off. I was not ready. But the plane was already in the air. After some layers of clouds the sun broke through for a few moments.

The weather in Boston was a way better.


In the afternoon I arrived at the apartment of my couchsurfer host. Ajit and Mariya were not at home, but the advanced technology, Ajit could open the door for me and my two big duffel bags with his smartphone. After a short nap, I walked to the Bank of America, which I had seen by passing with the bus. When Ii closed my bank account, I still had surprisingly so many dollars on it, that I was not sure, how to spend them in the next three days.

As soon Ajit came home, he told me about his 21 month long world trip with Mariya and made some spicy Indian tea for me.

While Mariya is from Bulgaria, he is from India. Moreover, they met in college in the USA, a very uncommon marriage. Moreover, Ajit told me, that they expect a couple tomorrow, who have the same nationality like they have.

Furthermore, he showed me the swimming pool, gym, yoga and work out room of the apartment building. They were pretty need.

Later on, he took me to the oldest badminton club of Boston, which is with over 100 years pretty old, taking into consideration, that the popularity of badminton increased never ever so significantly, like the last decade. Moreover, he is the third best badminton player, what I was really able to understand, after he chased me over the whole field. I have never seen people, who play so good like him and the people in his club.

After four hours of badminton we arrived hungry at home.

Mariya was already at home and served us with homemade humus and a cold soup, made up with cucumbers, garlic, walnuts and milk.

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