Shopping with three girls

16th of August 2016

Boston 2016 (172).JPG

Today I met with Danne, whom I met in St. Louis. Coincidentally, she was also in St. Louis. I did know only little about her. She brought two friends, who loved shopping.


Our first location was H&M. This store has five times more women, than man clothes. This was proven, by the result, that I did not find anything and Danee´s friends left with big bags. In the afternoon, we found a kitchy restaurant, where I enjoyed my last American burger. Finally in the third store, I also found some good bargains. It is astonishing, how much cheaper brands can be here in the states. I bought a shirt, which official price was 32 dollars for 6 bugs.

Boston 2016 (174).JPG

Finally we visited the Harvard Campus, where Danee and I had to say good bye. The campus is pretty need. Nevertheless, I think, that Washington University in St. Louis is much nicer.

In the evening, we had an Indian-Hungarian dinner, with the other Indian-Hungarian couple and a friend of Ajit. Surprisingly, it turned out, that he has Iranian roots, but was born in Germany and also speaks German perfectly. After the perfect dinner, I was full and tired.

Boston 2016 (178).JPG


Boston 2016 (177).JPG

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