Flight canceled

18th of August 2016


The new flight would have cost a delay of 1-2 days more travel plus a night in London. But since I already have spent there lots of time, I rather wanted to stay in Copenhagen, where I had booked a hotel next to the airport. Therefore, I did not have to carry my three luggage pieces. Spending a night on the airport and missing my flights, did not sound very promising to me. After trying to reach my Airline Norwegian Air for two hours and calling numbers, who only existed in the internet, I had success and the woman from Norwegian Air promised to call me back in 15-20 minutes A little bit after midnight, I found a flight for just around 500 dollars with a short 2 hour stop in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. Since the women did not call me back, I started to book the flight in the hope they would pay for the extra costs. The only information, that I got from Norwegian Air was, that I had to pay my flight first and then they will decide, if they will pay for it or not. At 2:15 the women of Norwegian Air called me. I did not have expected her call. She offered me another connection, which still would have caused to miss my flight and stay the whole day in Lisbon. Unfortunately, I had already decided. After saying good bye to Mariya and Ajit, my luggage and I made it all the way to the Harbour of Boston. I was right in time to catch the next whale watching ship. After one hour on the high speed catamaran and a few vomiting and sea sick people, we arrived at the whale spot. Most whales stay here, because the water is not very deep here, which are good conditions to grow plankton. Whales eat lots of plankton. It took a while until we spotted our first whale. Moreover it looked like he was asleep, since he did not really swim actively. He just came up to the water surface to catch some air. When whales sleep, only one part of the brain really sleeps. The other part regulates all functions, which are necessary to survive, like breathing air.




It took us only five minutes to find the next whale, which is the second biggest animal of the world and barely to see. Whales can hold their breath for 15-45 minutes. The marine biologist, can recognize every whale by its caudal fin. Since the caudal fin is unique like a human finger print.

As our trip went on, we saw three whales together, who came really close. So close, that the fountain, which they make, when they breath made the people in the front row wet. This water smells really bad, since it contains lots of bacteria.

Out of the blue whale appeared every few minutes on different sites of the boat. The tourists were almost running over each other, just to get the best pictures. Suddenly a smaller whale from another whale family appeared. After an hour, the ship drove back to Boston.

I enjoyed my last American lunch at the harbour, before I drove to the airport. I arrived so early at the airport, that the luggage  drop off was not open yet.

My last American dinner at the airport was some fruits with a fresh and greasy hamburger with french fries from Burger King.

Boston 2016 (262).JPG

After sending the last messages, I recognized, that boarding time had started early. So I was one of the last passengers. At 7:12 our plane took off by sunset and I saw the historic Boston from above. Surprisingly WOW airlines did not serve its passengers any free drinks during a 5 hour flight. My seat neighbours from the UK and the Netherlands were very nice and entertaining.

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