Iceland in two hours

19th of August 2016


At twilight, we arrived at the airport of Iceland´s capital Reykjavik.

The new airport is built with lots of natural material and really fits to Iceland. After buying to drink and to eat, I wrote some post cards, which I had bought in cute store. Moreover, I was happy to see the European power plugs again.


I was happy, that I had such a wonderful year in the USA and everything worked out so well, although my flight got cancelled. After two hours I already took off by sunset and saw the mysterious wonderful landscape of Iceland from above.


As far I can tell, Iceland made a very sympathetic impression to me. Not only because the 300.000 inhabitants of Iceland were very successful in the European Soccer Cup. People seem to be simply nice and relaxed. Since I had not slept yet and it was already 2 a.m. (ECT), I slept the full flight until the plane descended over Copenhagen. After 3 hours of sleep, I received my luggage very quickly at the baggage claim and took the train two stations from the airport. The architecture around the hotel looked fantastic and very modern.


Kopenhagen 2016 (5).JPGkopenhagen-2016-6kopenhagen-2016-7kopenhagen-2016-10Kopenhagen 2016 (3).JPG

kopenhagen-2016-58Kopenhagen 2016 (59).JPGKopenhagen 2016 (56).JPG

It looked like none of this building is older than 5 years. Since I could not checkin before 3 p.m. I googled in the hotel lounge the highlights of Copenhagen. After 20 minutes I new, what I wanted to see and left the hotel with a map. First of all I visited some amazing new buildings with fascinating architecture. Later on I took the self-driving train, which comes every three minutes to Christianshavn.

Kopenhagen 2016 (18).JPGThis is such a huge contrast here. Everything is so fast, so clean. But on the other hand also it is very boring, compared to public transport of St. Louis. I missed the extroverted people.

Kopenhagen 2016 (22).JPG

Christianshavn is a city district, which tries to become independent. It looks like the hippies moved from San Francisco to Copenhagen and established a new home here. Lots of trees, cute coffees, colorful houses and a weed marked are the highlights of this district.

kopenhagen-2016-26kopenhagen-2016-28Kopenhagen 2016 (30).JPG

At the drug marked you are not allowed to take pictures. Moreover, if a tourist dares to take a picture, scary people walk towards them and tell them the rules of this city. It really feels like an independent city. Around 30 small shops offer weed with different tastes. They look a little bit like tiny candy stores on a fare. 50% of the vendors wore masks and looked really scary.


Most clients are tourists. When one vendor told, that the police was yesterday here and he showed them, how he could make his weed disappear in one second in his big bag. I also dared to ask a question. Immediately he asked me, if I want to buy something. When I told him no, he said, that he has to take care for his potential clients and will not answer my questions. I guess that the drug marked is Christianshavn`s biggest business and financial support of the community.

In every corner people made it themselves comfortable and were smoking weed.

kopenhagen-2016-35kopenhagen-2016-40Kopenhagen 2016 (36).JPG

After hushing through the exhibition of Architectural Museum of Denmark about city development, I walked into a festival. Next to the modern Opera house are lots of small food shops with very different and experimental food.

Downtown was totally crowded and I got tired. I drove back to my hotel and fall asleep already before 8 o´clock.




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