Why be a Volunteer?

One year ago, I got aware, that I should slowly decide, what I want to study next year. The decision was not easy to make, since I have many diffrent interests and passions. Therefore, I decided to postpone it and do a volunteer service with the familiar organization IJGD (http://www.ijgd.de/en). I expected to become more aware of my bigest passion is. Moreover, I have the point of view, that volunteer work is indispensable. In addition, I have the possibility to improve my English, I mean American, skills.

Zypern, Ukraine 2015 (137)

For one year I will work in a museum and teach kids and teenagers the art of circus.

How does the life of a circus teacher in the United States looks like? I have no clue!

We will figure it out!

P.S. By the way, a volunteer service costs a lot of money, for the flight, health insurance and the NGO, which has to organize everything has also expenses for their employees. Therefore, every volunteer needs to collect 2400 Euro.

To enable this possibility to be part of another culture for me and for the future volunteers I am very thankful for supporters. Any amount is welcome and appreciated!


If you want to see what I am doing, you are more than welcome to gain a personal overview of my project and visit me in St. Louis. 😀


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