Good Bye Party

7th of August 2016

St. Louis 2016 (575)

As soon as we got back from trout Lodge after a two hours ride, we were watching the show of Jessica´s son and his friend, they both study circus in Ecole Nationale de Cirque.

Later on, around 50 people came for Miriam´s and my good bye party.


St. Louis 2016 (573)

St. Louis 2016 (576)


St. Louis 2016 (574)

First of all, everybody who wanted could perform a circus act. Afterwards, Miriam and I sat in the ring and people (students, teachers, circus parents) had the chance to say nice things about us and the last year, what was really moving. Finally we had a wonderful, potluck dinner.

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St. Louis 2016 (595)St. Louis 2016 (597)St. Louis 2016 (598)

Rosa, your wonderful teacher, who teaches everything


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5th of August 2016

Trout Lodge (25).JPG

Today we had our last day of summer camps. The first three camps were really fun, but the last one was very exhausting, since we had lots of kids with ADHD. So all coaches were happy, that the summer camps were over. After the summer camps, Donesha, Crina and I drove for three days to Trout Lodge, a nice youth hostel on a lake, where you can bike, paddle, swim, play volleyball, tennis, soccer and much more. When we walked to our cabins, I recognized how big the campus is. Over the day they also offered arts, sports and shooting classes. So while you were enjoying the sun on the beautiful lake some shooting noises were disturbing the silence.

Trout Lodge (12)

Saturday evening they Circus Harmony and Circus Galileewill perform for all guests of Youth Hostel Trout Lodge.

Trout Lodge (85).JPG

Yahel from new brotherflipping from hs unicycle

Trout Lodge (84).JPG

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Partner Circus Galilee arrived

2nd of August 2016

St. Louis 2016 (532).jpg

Today the Israelis arrived. Everybody was excited to welcome them at the bus station. Unfortunately the security at the bus station prohibited to build a welcome pyramid. So the arches had even more power to express their excitement with their voices, as soon as the greyhound bus turned around the corner. After dinner the Galilee Circus and the St. Louis Arches started to put their performance, although for the Israeli it felt like 3 0´clock in the morning. Since one of them had lost his passport the whole Galilee Circus had mist the flight and arrived one day late. The first show was scheduled one and a half day later.

St. Louis 2016 (533)

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Peach County

31st of July 2016

St. Louis 2016 (505).jpg

This morning we got up very early for a bike ride. We drove to a ferry with a car and crossed the river with our bikes. The landscape on the other side is called Calhoun County and looks very hilly, green and almost every name on the letter boxes and stores sound German. The area is almost like an iland, since it is surrounded by two big rivers. When the rivers are high, the few people, who live in this region, have to live from what they harvest, since the next big city in the north is hundreds of miles away. A little bit before your destination Gabe´s tire go flat. Luckily Ari hat patch cat in his pocket.

St. Louis 2016 (496)

We bought some peaches and peaches ice cream. It was the most juicy and delicious peaches I had ever eaten. The region is well known for its delicious peaches.

When the friendly vendor recognized, that I was from Germany, she gave a a glass of Amish Apple Butter. This is like a thick jam with the flavour of apple and cinnamon.

The vendor recommended us to go to the next and only village in a 10 miles radius. The village consist of only a few houses, a restaurant, a post offices and a bank. On the verge of the streets, you can see sometimes signs, written in German. The restaurant served several different German dishes, which not really taste like in Germany.

St. Louis 2016 (509)

But when the owner ask us, where we are from and I said, that I was from Germany, here shining eyes and she told me her family story and offered me to show me the second floor. It looks like in an old museum, with old beds and wonderful furniture.

St. Louis 2016 (523)

In the afternoon, it got so hot, that it was again to bike back to the ferry. As soon as we were in the car, we drove to our grandparents and jumped into the pool.

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Floating the Meramac River with friends

30th of July 2016

St. Louis 2016 (481).jpg

This time I did not go by myself. I and twelve friends from Washu rented some rafts at the Missouri spring. On this part of the river, there were many people floating on the river on this nice day. We did not paddle a lot, since the current was strong enough. After a while we met around 30 very drunk people with a pirate flag on the river. Their boats were connected. First they started to curse at us, making us wet, later on their pulled one person of us into their boat. I have not seen so many drunk people before afternoon since a long time. Later on, we heard them discussing about Donald Trump. This was a really fun float.

St. Louis 2016 (479).jpg

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Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

26th of July 2016

St. Louis 2016 (463b).jpg

The day after yesterday evening, I already got two birthday cakes at Jessica´s house, to which the coaches of the summer camp were invited. Moreover, yesterday afternoon we had a short celebration in the circus. Furthermore, at our grandparents home two birthday cakes were waiting for me. Since Jon´s Birthday was on the 22nd of July, I am eating since one week cake almost every day and I am not sure, if those are the last birthday cakes. An interesting fact about birthday cakes is, that nobody makes them at home. All birthday cakes that I have seen, were bought in the supermarket. St. Louis 2016 (472)Moreover, I experienced the same thing, when I saw the lunches of our summer camp children. Most parents buy a lunch kid, which exist in different flavours like tuna, chicken, peanut butter, nachos and sometimes even vegetable. I have never seen something like this in Germany.

St. Louis 2016 (460)St. Louis 2016 (461)

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Cahokia Mounds

24th of August

St. Louis 2016 (443).jpg

Shoshana is really interested into native American tribes. So I suggested her to see the Cohokia mounds, which were built by native Americans over decades. One of them reaches the mark of 100 feet. We spend several hours walking on top the highest mound and walking through the exhibition. Later on I showed her the Chain of Rocks bridge, which is over one mile long and used to be an important connection for the highway 66.

St. Louis 2016 (446)

After we picked up Miriam (the other intern) and her brother, we drove to Jessica. She invited all coaches of the summer camp, since she was very satisfied with our work.

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Beautiful Bike Ride

23th of August

St. Louis 2016 (440)

This afternoon Kelsey picked me up to go with her on a bike ride on the Katy Trail. This trail used to be a railway and goes through the whole State of Missouri. Therefore the trail is pretty flat. Moreover, most of it is covered by forest, what makes it very comfortable to ride, if the weather is so hot like today.

Later on I picked up my friend Shoshana from St. Louis Airport.

In the evening we had a nice dinner at the grandparents’ house

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Colorful Circus Camp

21st July 2016

St. Louis 2016 (559)

In the circus summer camp it is never boring. There are always surprises. It does not matter, if a cute kid asks me, if we will have an elephant in the show, although the stage is on the third floor and on the stage would barely fit an elephant. Moreover, the background of the families of these children are very different. Surprisingly many are foster children, some have very rich parents, other parents do not have enough money to buy their children lunch.

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Medicare?, Yerese and the bus number 70

20th of July 2016


After the circus, I returned a call to a number, with which I was not familiar. The women said so fluenty and friendly hello and her matter of concern, that I thought in the first place her voice was recorded. As soon as Ii answered, she wanted to talk with me about my medicare, since I am turning 65 soon. I told her, that I appreciate her call, but I am neither turning 65 nor have medicare. She laughed puzzled and told me she will delete Michael from her list, before she said good bye.

Every week I get calls for strangers, which are mostly rather annoying than funny. Around 80% want to talk to Judy, although I have this number since almost one year. Moreover, I got all of text messages, from people, who want to see me or even invite me for dinner. When I tell them, that I am not Judy, they usually change their mind and I am not invited anymore. WhoevJudy must be a very valuable friend.


On the picture you see Yerese, one of our most talented students. She is on a schoolarship and did not missed one day of Circus camp since 8 weeks. Although it is challenging for her to stop walkovers after the tumbling time, it is a lot of fun with her. I am happy to have her in our class.


Later on, I took my favorite line, the 70 bus. When I asked the bus driver how he is, he answered smiling “I am in paradise!” Furthermore, as so often somebody sold DVDs for a very good price. Nevertheless, most buyers bargain with their dealers. So you might end up with five current movies for 20 bugs, leaving out the fact, that these DVDs are homemade and not original. Most people in the bus see it rather as an extended personal service than criminal business. Eventually, the dealers can even tell you, if this movie might be the right movie for you and your girlfriend tonight and how much action and drama it contains. Moreover, it is directly on the way to your house and most people in the bus neither are reading nor listening to music nor playing games on their smartphones, as it is the case usually in Germany. What could be nicer, than choosing a movie for your evening after a long and hard day of work?

A few stations later, another DVD dealer entered the bus. When he saw, that already one dealer was inside the bus, he did not get upset about his worse business opportunity. On the contrary, he called out “It´s a duple here!” and started dancing through the bus, while showing his DVDs to the passengers.

Later on, he and the other DVD dealer started a discussion about the new movies, they were selling. I was close to stay in the bus, just for experience, how this interesting bus ride would continue. Perhaps a few stations later somebody with a toilet would come into the bus, to sell it? I would not be really surprised.

T-shirts, Jackets, loud speakers, headphones, extension carts and other electrical equipment, snacks, drinks, liquor all this stuff has been already offered to me while using public transport. It seems like you do not even need to go shopping. Just take the next bus around the corner. But to be honest, I have to say, that the line 70 is the best for this kind of experience. I will really miss this bus rides, when I go back to Germany

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